1TV is one of the fastest growing television stations in the country.  Known for its hard-hitting news reports and high-impact current affairs programs, 1TV prides itself on rapid, objective, and factual reporting.

1TV reaches a large percentage of highly educated and affluent viewers, targeting a younger audience and a greater share of the middle class.  Its aggressive national outreach and catchy programming make it one of the leading privately owned commercial television stations in Afghanistan.

1TV has an impressive record of ‘firsts’ in Afghanistan.  It was the first channel to create over 55 hours of original programming content, broadcast each week, and the first to produce all original music for each of its 24 local studio productions.  It was the first channel to develop and televise a studio debate before a live audience, and its signature debate program, Kabul Debate Live, has received international acclaim.

It was the first channel to produce a bi-weekly live entertainment show designed to empower women, and its program The Mask is internationally known and acclaimed.  1TV was established with the goal of providing programming that transcends racial and ethnic barriers, and programs such as the Mask work to promote human rights, and inspire free and open expression.  1TV’s staff is carefully recruited based on their own understanding of the power of media to inspire and influence.

1TV is well equipped with a wide array of high-end digital broadcast equipment.  Using its state-of-the-art production facilities, the staff at 1TV is able to provide compelling, continuous coverage of the most important news and cultural affairs.  1TV has over 325 square meters of sound studios, modern lighting and SFX systems, a large chroma-key wall, video switchers, and video recognition capabilities, 16 Sony video cameras, 10 video editing stations, comprehensive dubbing systems, digital audio systems, track and dolly capabilities, and boom cranes.

1TV is owned by GroupOne, an Afghan communications and media company founded by Afghan investors in hopes of promoting principles of independence, human rights, and freedom of speech for Afghan people.

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